Do you want a therapist who has been around long enough and seen enough people to:

  1. Hear what you have said and and see into the core of your difficulty rapidly explain the difficulty and how it can be resolved in language that makes sense that you can understand and use
  2. Have experienced what you are going through--or something close to it
  3. Have learned from his failures and done his own therapy
  4. Have supervised other therapists and taught student therapists
  5. Limit himself to no more than twenty-five clients per week so he can give thought and attention you deserve
  6. Have an in-depth knowledge of the spiritual as well as the psychological aspects of life
  7. Help you find your own strengths, inner-knowing and essential goodness, which are far more important than his techniques
  8. Consider the mind and body as one--taking care of body is taking care of mind and vice-versa
  9. Think nature, a good friend, a loyal dog or cat, and a great poem might be more important than a therapist's ideas
  10. Believe in you--that when your current difficulty is resolved, your soul can again be stirred by your passion and you will be able to live the life you want